What Founders Who Took The Course Said

"Anyone can start a business, but you can’t count on hope that customers will find you and want to “buy”. Successful founders understand that they have to know who their potential customers are, what makes them tick, why they need your solution and what they’ll be willing to pay for your solution. 

In order to accomplish that, it all starts with a well-thought-out sales playbook, and Mike Chudy has been doing that for every founder that has come through the Stadia Ventures Accelerator Program (16 cohorts and counting)."

Tim Hayden, Co-Founder Xvisory & Stadia Ventures

"As a startup founder, establishing an effective sales processes is often daunting  This comprehensive course eliminates the guesswork and provides a clear actionable Sales Playbook to identify qualified leads, craft compelling sales pitches, and close deals effectively. Mike’s extensive experience, data-driven approach and real-world examples will transform your sales performance. The customizable templates and ongoing mentorship are invaluable resources in the journey to sales success. I highly recommend Mike’s course to any founder looking to revolutionize their sales process and accelerate their startup’s success!"

Jeff Ayers, Angel Investor and Startup Mentor

"Working with Mike has been a game changer for my professional development and the growth of my company. His guidance and expertise has helped us develop and refine our sales, outreach, and growth strategies. His dedication to our success is evident in his efforts and displayed by his commitment through our journey from startup to success. I highly recommend Mike and his courses to anyone looking to take their sales to the next level."

Kevin Hart, Founder and CEO of Aireal & Livvys

"Mike is hands-down one of the best sales minds on the planet. He’s a natural at sales psychology, approaches, and handling objections. Building your sales playbook is a crucial step to following the correct strategy and being prepared to respond appropriately the moment a sale is occurring. Mike is THE guy to guide you through creating this playbook and ultimately setting you up for sales success."

Jeff Rohr, Founder & CEO, SquareOffs